Live Recording

What I can do for you

Having worked extensively in both music and TV I have many skills to offer, I have mixed live and recorded in studios for both.I have recorded on location for films, documentaries, corporate videos, TV series and adverts on all formats from mini DV to 35mm in every imaginable situation. I have also done sound design and editing for post production as well as keeping a studio at home where i can do both as well as satisfy any musical needs you may have.

As such I have various kit to be used in different situations a detailed list of which can be found here


Live Multi-track recording

One of the things I specialise in is recording live gigs( although it can just as easily be used forTV). I can turn up to any venue and using my mobile recording unit record up to 18 tracks of 24 bit digital audio,without the need for racks full of exspensive hard disk recorders and outboard gear, making this service affordable to everyone.

I do this by taking a split from the venues live P.A. thus allowing the house engineer to do his job freely without interference from my recording procedure. I am now able to capture all the instruments seperately at an optimum sound level, much as you would do in a recording studio.

With all the music now recorded in the digital realm I take it to my studio where it can be mixed down and enhanced using well used production techniques. Saving time and money on studio time.


What use is this to me?

I can use this system pretty much any where there is a plug socket. I've used it to record gigs, some of which you can hear on the music page, and for television, anywhere you need to record several clean independant sound sources, this system will work for you.

If you're a band trying to get together a demo but finding it hard to get the time in studio's. One gig is all it takes and you could have an E.P. If you're a venue you may want to record live nights, to make venue CD's. If you're a record company I could save you money on studio time for demo's and live video's where the sound is mixed in post production, which of course is just as useful to all you TV and radio people out there who require more than just a stereo signal.

If this sounds interesting to you don't hesitate to contact me, hit the button at the top of the page for details.